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thinkplay tv On The Spot
thinkplay tv On The Spot
Projects / Real-Time Broadcast Technology
Real-Time' technology is no longer the preserve of the video games industry and high-end high priced virtual reality 'cave' systems. With the price drop and increase performance of desktop computers, the technology for virtual sets and environments is now within the grasp of all content providers. have worked on a number of national and international contracts producing virtual sets & overlay graphics on many of the leading broadcast graphic platforms. Due to our inhouse virtual set production methodologies many of our designs are platform independant enabling us to deliver innovative solutions whatever the software/hardware configuration.
thinkplay tv image D
thinkplay tv image D
thinkplay tv las vagas
Projects / tog3D
A pedigree cutting edge Broadcast design and play out software/hardware solution, tOG3D is an award winning product with its roots in BBC development. TOG3D is a studio or OB based system and can be used for real-time on air 2D graphics and 3D graphics (for a comprehensive list of currently installed userbase please visit the TOG3D website). has been providing both virtual set and graphic design support to rtSoftware's tog3d, for examples of designs we have created for tOG3D please visit our virtual set section.
thinkplay tv Las Vagas
Projects / MoViSet
'Developed in conjunction with Rt Software, Reflecmedia has developed a solution to create a product line of modular "studio in a box" virtual studio systems. Based on a single high-end PC workstation, the MoViSet virtual studio system will allow users with limited facilities the access to a simple to use high production value virtual set design system.'
(Wednesday, February 21, 2007 PC World) has provided 3 sets for MoViSet that will ship with the final product. For information on creating bespoke sets or for assistance with editing the current sets please feel free to contact to discuss your requirements.

thinkplay tv Quiz Pod Set
thinkplay tv QuizPod Set
thinkplay tv TIMwe virtual sets
Projects / ORAD
The market leader in the broadcast graphics systems field, ORAD has some excellent tools for the playout of virtual sets and overlay graphics. Recently completed two projects for use with the Graphic system. Working for TIMwe Portugal, we designed two sets for game show pilots. The sets were designed at our head office in the UK and the data electronically delivered to the ORAD technician based in Madrid. If you would like any further information concerning the ORAD platform and Virtual sets please do not hesitate to contact
thinkplay tv TIMwe virtual set address